NYU Langone Medical Center

Postdoctoral Positions Available

  • Epithelial Differentiation: Membrane Trafficking & Stem Cells

    Postdoctoral positions available to study the structure, function and disease implications of a group of novel membrane proteins called uroplakins. Uroplakins form 2D crystals (urothelial plaques) covering the apical surface of bladder epithelium, and represent major differentiation products of bladder epithelium. Studying uroplakins provides excellent opportunities to understand membrane structure and function, and the involvement of membrane proteins in diseases including urinary tract infection (Kidney International 75, 1153, 2009). Addition projects focus on the identification and characterization of urothelial stem cells. These studies are carried out by a multidisciplinary team consisting of five PI’s: Xiangpeng Kong (Assoc Prof Biochem, structural biology), Gert Kreibich (Prof Cell Biol, membrane trafficking), Angel Pellicer (Prof Pathol, bladder tumorigenesis), Tung-Tien Sun (Prof Cell Biol, epithelial stem cells and differentiation) and Xue-Ru Wu (Prof Urol and Pathology, urinary tract infection and bladder tumorigenesis). Background in signal transduction, membrane trafficking and/or stem cell biology helpful. Unique training in ‘survival skills for young biomedical investigators’ (Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 5, 577, 2004). Email CV and a list of three references to Dr Tung-Tien Sun at sunt01@nyumc.org