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Scientific Methods

Scientific Methods: Doing Things the Right Way
Tung-Tien Sun, NYU 


It is paradoxical why some straight A students are lost when it comes to research. Dr. Sun developed a lecture, entitled “Trust in authorities, risk assessment and experimental design”, to express his view that an underlying problem of many of these students is that they tend to excessively trust “authorities”. In this lecture, Dr. Sun offers a number of practical suggestions to diagnose and to overcome this problem. Dr. Sun has delivered this lecture at over 30 universities including NYU Medical School, Univ of Penn Med Sch, Northwestern, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Baylor Medical College, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Cornell Medical School and Univ of Queensland. Dr. Sun published his ideas on experimental design in 2004 in Nature Review in Molecular and Cell Biology.

In addition to the above lecture that teaches graduate students how to become a good experimentalist who can get any lab techniques to work, Dr. Sun developed three other lectures that cover additional topics that a graduate student/postdoc have to master before he can become an independent investigator. These three lectures cover how to critically analyze the literature, how to take notes and generate ideas; how to write a scientific paper; and how to give an oral presentation. Since 2001, Dr. Sun has delivered this lecture series, in a course that is required for all first year graduate students at NYU Medical School. Since 2004, he has made this course, in the form of a one-day workshop, available to students and postdocs from all universities in New York City area including Columbia, Cornell Medical School, Einstein Medical College, Mt. Sinai and SUNY Brooklyn. He has also been invited to give this workshop at other universities including Albany Medical College, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Pennsylvania State Medical School at Hershey, University of Arizona, Cornell University, Biopolis of Singapore, National Taiwan University and Peking University.

This section provides a partial list of the lectures and workshops that Dr. Sun has given on these subjects, and articles and/or reading lists on experimental design, scientific writing and oral presentation.


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